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CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy
HandMade Game
Available for:
An Epic Crossover between
Crane Simulator and Jenga in VR!

Key Features:


  • Unique crossover between Jenga and Crane Simulator in VR

  • Simple, Easy, and Comfortable yet Challenging Gameplay

  • Various container types & items & cranes - play for hours!

  • Local/Network multiplayer - play with friends!

CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy is a Virtual Reality game inspired by Jenga-style gameplay with a gamepad. In CRANGA!, players control an industrial crane to manipulate a yellow ball in order to push and remove block style shipping containers from a teetering tower. The game will suggest a container type, and players will have to carefully push and remove a matching container from the tower, but, in order to ensure the container's safe removal, players will have to find the sweet spot by moving their head around in physical space to view the tower from various angles.


One wrong move will bring about epic destruction.

Oculus VR
Steam VR
Google Play 
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